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As a leading consultant for ASME joint reviews and provider of engineering solutions on process engineering packages; we serve the energy sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemical, EPC manufacturing, Power generation and marine & offshore



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Since last TEN years we are into design consulting the ASME joint reviews for fabrication shop approval of U, U2, R, S and PP stamps. We are well known to most famous Authorized Inspection Agencies to assist fabrication shops to get certified with ASME.

Our design consulting package includes design and documentation of demo vessel for fabrication and procurement, shop visits during trial and final joint review.



We are the experts in static skid packages such as

  • Gas Sweetening Packages

  • GDU Packages

  • IGF Packages

  • 2 Phase & 3 Phase Separators 

  • Gas Metering Systems

  • Chemical Injection Systems

  • Well Head Control Panels

  • Test Units

  • BOP Panels

  • ESD Panels

  • Pigging Systems

  • Test Separator Packages



UES does the whole project FEED design and documentation from feasibility to procurement. We produce all engineering documents from PFD, P&ID and Technical Datasheets up to operating manual.  Also our engineers will be available for commissioning and training. We do the documentation in process, civil,mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.



UES provides engineering solutions for process skid packages. We support the leading manufactures in energy sector as an independent consultant for all activities from feasibility study, FEED and up to commissioning.

Since last ten years we serve our prestigious clients to produce a well engineered product with 100% efficiency through our well experienced engineering team.

Our field of expertise includes:

  • Chilled water piping stress analysis

  • Design and Detail engineering of Steel Structures

  • Pressure Vessel design and

  • FEM Studies of pressure vessels

  • Piping Design & Pipe Support Calculation 

  • Pipe Stress Analysis of O&G piping

  • Surge Analysis piping networks

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Static and Dynamic Studies

  • FEED studies

  • Heat Exchangers process and mechanical design

  • Design and Detailing of Storage Tanks

Any fabrication shops involved in the manufacturing of high pressure products to be get certified from ASME team. We works together as a part of the shop floor team to get these certifications and help them to produce internationally certified pressurized products.

We are into the project management of various skid packages such as gas sweetening, test separators, well head controls, BOP and metering systems.







For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +971 529152529 or fill out the following form

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Head Office
Universal Engineering Services LLC(UES)
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Near Amina Hospital | P.O Box 13263
Ajman | U.A.E
Tel: +971 (6) 745 4526
Fax: +971 (6) 745 4597
Mob: +971 (52) 9152529

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ASME codes are used for process equipment design such as pressure vessels and piping all over the world. ASME codes cover the design, construction, maintenance and alteration of pressure vessel.

ASME codes used for the design of pressure equipments are:

  • ASME Sec.VIII Div I for design of vessels, towers and exchangers

  • ASME Sec I and Sec IV for boilers and water heaters

  • ASME Sec B31.1, Sec B31.3 and Sec B31.5 for piping system design

  • ASME Sec B31.3 is also used for the design of pipe fittings

These codes follow design by rules which provide formulas to check the design is safe as per the corresponding ASME code.

For high pressure vessels and complicated configurations ASME Sec. VIII Div. 2 rules are used for design by analysis where in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools are used for detail Engineering.


FEA –Finite Element Analysis is a computerized method to predict response of a product to the given load or testing conditions such as real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects. FEA Simulation helps to reduce the number of physical prototypes and experiments and optimize components in their design phase to develop better products, faster while saving on expenses. 

FEA was developed originally for numerical solutions of complex problems in solid mechanics. FEA helps engineers to find weak spots, areas of tension, etc. in their designs. Finite element analysis shows whether a product will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed/process changes in very early stage, and then save project redesign/testing time, cost, etc. The working principle of FEA is to subdivides a large system into smaller, simpler parts that are called finite elements. Read More...


Basically, solving the problems of pressure vessels, which includes the initial design of the tank and periodic inspection of the tank for safe operation of the tank, can be divided into two categories: elastic analysis and plastic analysis, which is common among engineers.

Pressure vessels elastic analysis

Stress-Strain diagram is a simple diagram that provides very important information such as yield stress , ultimate stress and toughness and Corresponding data of the strain stress diagram are obtained from a simple tensile test of a standard Dog bone shape sample....Read More..


Pressure vessels analysis by plastic method is more accurate than elastic method and in this method, the actual strain stress behavior of the part is used for analysis. The only negative point in the method of elastic-plastic analysis of pressure vessels.



The reliability of the analysis of pressure vessels in which the behavior of the material is considered elasto plastic have a higher safety factor or the tanks in which the behavior of the material is considered to be hardening.

The stress-strain curve

In the stress-strain curve, the material will enter the plastic zone after the amount of stress exceeds the yield strength of the material. In this region, because displacement is more difficult to move, more energy must be expended to create deformation, in other words, the stress required for deformation increases.

According to the figure below, in the distance between the yield stress σ Y and the final stress σ U, the material's resistance to deformation increases, which is why this increase in strength is called strain hardening. This behavior is sometimes referred to as "strain hardening" and "cooling" in materials.

Permanent and temporary deformation of matter

In the stress-strain diagram, according to what has been said, we have two main regions of elastic and plastic, in the elastic region, any deformation is reversible, Read More..

Piping Stress Analysis is a vital part of Piping Engineering. Stress analysis of piping to be done for analyzing the piping system for flexibility against sustained and expansion stresses. Sustained stress is one of the primary stress caused by weight such as pipe weight, insulation weight, fluid weight, etc. and pressure such as Internal and External Pressure. ASME B31 codes provide equations for sustained stress calculation and also provides allowable values to compare it with calculated sustained stress. Expansion stress is a displacement driven secondary stress generated in piping system due to temperature change or thermal differential between the installed and operating temperature. All B31 codes, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3 etc.  provide equation for calculating this expansion stress and then compare the calculated stress with allowable values. Read more...

Drums are cylindrical pressure vessels that are adopted in the process units for multiple functions.
The piping designer should cut down piping interconnections between the drum and its adjacent equipment when situating the drum. 

The accompanying documents are required to locate the drum on the plot plan.

  • P&ID

  • Process Vessel Sketch including · General arrangement drawing, Fabrication drawing etc.

  • Plot plan

  • Piping & Plant Layout Specification. Read more..


Depending on process requirement or availability of material, there is a necessity of reducing or expanding the size of pipelines. Reducers are available in two styles:-

Read More…


Reboilers is an exemplary heat exchanger that contributes vapor to drive fractional distillation separation. Reboilers typically are shell-and-tube exchangers that heat up the fractionation column fluid exploiting the heat shift from steam. Specific services may use other specialized designs including stab-ins, plate-fins, spiral-plates and others. Read more…



  • Select an ASME accredited Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA)  and sign an Inspection Service Agreement with this agency.

  • Application to ASME

  • Payment of the ASME fees

  • Purchasing the necessary ASME Code Books and Standards

Audit Preparation:

  • Preparing and implementing a Quality System according to the ASME Code

  • The Pre-Joint Review performed by the AIA (represented by the Authorized Inspector [AI] und Authorized Inspector Supervisor [AIS]) serves to review the Quality Control System and its implementation.

ASME Joint Review:

  • The ASME Joint Review is performed by the Audit Team (consisting of ASME & AIA: ASME Team Leader, Authorized Inspector Supervisor, Authorized Inspector). Read More...


 Preparing and implementing a Quality System according to the ASME Code

  • Scheduling the steps that need to be completed to be prepared for the ASME Certification Audit (ASME Joint Review)

  • Writing a Quality Control Manual

  • Preparation of Work Procedures 

  • Selecting a representative demonstration item to be presented at the ASME Joint Review

  • Preparation of the required design documents.

  • Qualification of procedures (Procedure Qualification Records [PQR] and Welding Procedure Specifications [WPS], Nondestructive Examination Procedures [e.g. for RT, UT, MT, PT, VT] , etc.)

  • Qualification of personnel (welders [WPQ/WOPQ], NDE-personnel)

  • Demonstration of NDE procedures witnessed by an Authorized Inspector [AI]

  • Preparation of an Inspection and Test Plan [ITP], also known as a Traveller

  • Procurement of material

  • Fabricating the demonstration item including performing the necessary inspections during fabrication 

  • Preparation of a Manufacturer's Data Report [MDR]


 Major structural design and analysis software tools are:

  • STAAD Pro (Structural Design and Analysis Tool)

  • AutoCAD (Automatic Computer Aided Design) for Drafting

  • SAFE (Designing foundation slab systems and concrete floors)

  • RISA (3D Analysis and Design Tool)

  • Navisworks (3D Environment)



EPC( Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Company should have project-specific pressure vessel nozzle loading tables which are used for relating allowable nozzle loads for vessels, columns or towers, Heat Exchangers, Drums or any similar type of equipment. Normally forces and moments at the nozzle and shell interconnection are provided in a tabular format.  Read More...


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