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Hazards due to Piping Design Failures

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Piping is the vein of any process plant. Piping design and pipes feel new to us but it has been a part of us since ancient prehistoric times. Even in the precursor society of civilization piping played an important rule. Piping design is regarded to be one of the more demanding disciplines and design engineers and piping design service providers are highly pursued after.

Accuracy and safety

Utter precision and care should be given for pipe designing. The capacity to transport fluid/gases/material through the pipes to different equipment that function in coordination decides the efficiency of a plant. Successfully, many standard practices and codes have emerged for piping design and now it is a notable branch of engineering. As such, there is great requirement for qualified piping design engineers and consultants in varied divisions incurring various materials, high temperature conditions, high pressure etc. Poor piping design can thus have many serious aftermath.

Consequences of a faulty piping design

A collapse happens when a process crashes. It could be that the coating is erroneous, the cathodic protection insufficient, there may be failure to detect corrosion, defective vibration and stress analysis in piping. Often a lot of incidents or failures or collapse can be avoided if more vigilance is taken at the design stage.

Problems due to faulty piping design:-

1. Equipment failure

Faulty alignment issues caused by contraction or expansion in a poor design can result in an enormous equipment loss. Equipment failures lead to fires, shutdowns and monetary loss. This is why an exceptional design and review are mandatory to pinpoint potential problems and pitfalls. Adjustable routing is the first and by far the pocket-friendly and safest method for administering expansion in piping systems.

2. Corrosion in Piping

Unguarded or inadequately coated pipelines corrode and disintegrate. Corrosion is one of the biggest culprits causing piping failure along with economic loss. Impressive design and fitting of the piping, along with preferring the correct piping material can assure that there is no corrosion

3. Vibration of Equipment

Piping systems are often expose to failures due to vibration. Thermal analysis of piping vibration analysis is fundamental at the design phase and risky regions are commonly tested during the installation stage. Piping vibration analysis follows specific protocols and procedures to assure communal and worker safety. From social safety and health prospect too, vibration analysis is indispensable. It is evaluated that 20.93% of hydrocarbon discharges are due to vibration-induced fatigue collapses. These discharges bear a dangerous impact on people and worker safety, the environment, production and monetary performance. Piping vibration dangers can be recognized soon enough if companies have standardize concept to design and risk interpretation.

4. Stress in piping systems

Stress remains in almost all piping systems. Erroneous calculation of stress can cause system breakdown and poor completion. For instance, two piping systems that have the same size, shape, pipes, temperature and material but distinct wall schedules will have distinct stress. Force in piping design is not autonomous of other factors. Force is the result of expansion or pressure acting on the configuration that might be too rigid. This can cause the piping support system to break down the equipment

5. Weather and climate conditions

Perfect temperature and weather/climate affect the performance of piping systems. A piping system carrying utterly hot fluids/gases in very cold climates confronts the risk of bursts/fractures and vice versa. Piping design therefore must recognize applicable thermal insulation to protect against outside weather and moisture intervention.

6. Unleashing hazardous chemicals.

Unleashing of unsafe fluids and chemicals requires extra safety measures. Process piping design that flops to check these might accidently cause the toxic fumes to emit into work zones or maintenance shafts.

If the piping design is poor or doesn’t take into attention all facets of piping schematics a number of things can go wrong .Exceptionally designed piping systems take into examination a broad range of issues, industry-specific procedures and international codes that assure that these risks are suitably reduced.

Therefore, choosing the honest piping design company is vital to your project’s accomplishment and performance. Many companies like Universal Engineering expertise in bringing piping design services to various sectors like Oil & Gas, Process industries like Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer and Utilities such as Water & Effluent Treatment and Power.

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