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Certification procedure for the Lifting Set

The lifting set which is used to lift the designated container should be certified. It should not be removed from the container other than maintenance or replacement. Following are the procedures for the certification of lifting set. The lifting set should be manufactured as per the specification and should comply with recognized standard. The Components as per the requirements and standards, along with the supporting documents are to be presented to the manufacturer. The attending Surveyor will certify the lifting sets which are assembled as per guidelines only.


Below listed components are to be presented to the lifting manufacturer with traceability to the Type Approval Certificate by the manufacturers.

● Shackles

● Chains

● Links (master links and master link assemblies, intermediate links, end links)

● Couplings

Below listed components do not require Type Approval but they are to be presented to the lifting set manufacturer with a Certificate in accordance with ISO 10474 or another standard recognized.

● Wire rope

● Ferrules

● Thimbles

Application for Certification

Designer / Manufacturer who has legal rights to the design of the lifting set, needs to submit an application. The designer and manufacturer may not be the same entity and are to be indicated on the application.

The application is to be submitted with, but not limited to, the following:

i) Specification of the lifting set, along with the following

● Applicable standards

● Material specification

● Dimensions of all the components

● Working Load Limit (WLL)

● Proof Load (PL)

● Breaking Load (BL)

ii) Drawings of lifting set and its components

iii) Calculations demonstrating how the lifting set components were selected, including determination of required strength

iv) Description of all the manufacturing/assembly procedures (e.g. for wire rope sling: the assembly of the sling legs with terminal, etc.)

v) Marking details on the tags

vi) Description of the test methods and procedures for all relevant prototype and production tests.

vii) Type approval/3.1 certificates for the components according to 1-2/2.1

Applications for additional units to be certified under an approved design are to include at least the application and marking drawings if the owner has changed them. Revisions to an existing approved design will require an application that is to be submitted with but not limited to, the applicable documents indicated above. Submitted documents are to completely describe the changes.

Design Review

An engineer will review the documents submitted along with the application and evaluate the design under the requirements and any other requested Rules, regulations, or standards. Upon a successful review, a review letter with test agenda, if applicable, will be returned indicating that the design meets the requirements. The prototype test agenda is only provided after all review items are addressed. The design is not approved until the prototype test is conducted in the presence of a Surveyor in accordance with the specified test agenda.

Quality Control

The manufacturing facility is to submit a quality manual to the Surveyor which describes the quality system. The Surveyor will review the manual to verify aspects of the production of the lifting set are addressed in the manual. Following a successful review of the manual, a quality audit will be performed at the manufacturing facility to verify that the system outlined in the manual is in place and functioning properly. Upon a successful quality audit, the Surveyor will issue a Factory Approval Certificate. The certificate will be valid for 5 years with annual endorsements required.


  • A quality control document for the manufacturing facility is required to be submitted only if the facility is submitting for the first design to be manufactured at the facility.

  • Any updates to the quality control documents are to be submitted for review. The document is to be updated if a new design requiring additional quality procedures is to be produced at the facility.


The manufacturing facility may begin production of lifting sets in accordance with the approved design only after the successful design review, prototype testing, and quality assessment. Testing carried out during the production phase is to be in accordance with the relevant sling or component standards.

Production Certificate

Upon a successful review of the as-built dossier (which includes the Type Approval or 3.1 certificates for the components of the Lifting Set) and final inspection, Surveyor will issue a Production Certificate. Additionally, the certificate will reference the engineering approval letter and prototype test certificate, applicable to the lifting set design.

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