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Exceptional 3D Modeling Tools For Engineers

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

High monetary investments are needed in the modeling and evaluation of modern engineering plants and offshore platform structures. Meticulous and intelligent design is inevitable in operational safety and efficiency. The design also needs to factor in local operating conditions such as wind, current, seismic loads, heat etc . Picking up the right 3D software is relevant for integrated modeling, analysis and simulation.

Sophisticated software and 3D modeling applications ease design engineers to create complex offshore structural systems, plant designs, piping layout etc. docile with industry codes and standards.

Familiar 3D Plant Layout Software tools

CADWorx® Plant Professional

CADWorx® Plant Professional is one of the brief and easy engineering and piping design software that obliges designers to shape models.It is frequently used for plant and piping design solutions. It is recognized for its scalability, interoperability and flexibility. CADWorx® helps create flawless models for the more complex projects – be it process plant piping, buried pipe, intra-plant pipe, transmission lines, or other piping systems.

Some important features CADWorx®

Ø Exact piping design by referencing over 60,000 parametrically-driven components

Ø Designs complete models with steel and modeling capabilities

Ø HVAC ducting and cable tray routines

Ø Creates automatic isometrics from layouts, databases, or Isogen®

Ø Detects clashes/collisions in the current or externally referenced models

Ø Offers real-time design status and creates bills of material(BOM) in a variety of database formats

PDMS – Plant design & Management software developed by AVEVA

PDMS or Plant Design Management System is an accepted software in the 3D CAD industry. It is easily customizable and upholds multi-user and multi-discipline environment and is extensively utilized for engineering, design and construction projects in offshore and onshore. PDMS has modules for the design of equipment, piping, ducting, structure and cable trays. Visualization i done using client-explained catalogues and stipulations, in a full-colour shaded 3D environment, with the assistance of tools that assure a flawless design.

Intergraph Smart® 3D For Plants

Intergraph Smart® 3D is an upgraded, data oriented and rule-driven software. It has been devised exclusively for mission-critical requirements. It does a great job in over throwing hurdles set by conventional technologies. SMART 3D contributes an iterative environment and is familiar among Engineering, Procurement, and Construction both EPCs and owners.

Apart from maintaining the 3D as-built documentation,Intergraph Smart 3D also has a large range of capabilities that are involved to design plant, marine, and materials handling facilities. Data-centric technology, and a rules and relationship based algorithm, integrated reuse approach, and personalized automation capabilities are the reasons for it's high acceptance in the industry. Some vital benefits of Intergraph Smart® 3D are Real-time Concurrent Design, Intelligent Decrees anrelationshipsps, IntInteroperability automated ated deliverables and Task-based modeling


PDS® is a popular and wise computer-aided design/engineering application. PDS has been around since 1980 and is regarded as one of the predecessors in 3D design software. PDS is production forced and gives expense by reducing the total worth of project. It is utilized by many eminent EPCs and owner/operators for their industrial design. Important features of PDS® are dextrous walk through for operations and maintenance personnel, Interference checking, 3D modeling that helps engineers designer better, Specification driven design and phased reviews and exact material take-offs.

AutoPLANT developed by BENTLEY:

AutoPLANT by BENTLEY is a refined 3D plant design and modeling application. It organizes intelligent piping layout drawing, equipment, raceways, and isometrics in a single application. It is quite clutter free, customized, and administered. AutoPLANT also provides interactive routing and placement in an resourceful 3D multi-discipline habitat. Some uses of AutoPLANT are a single streamlined application, high information portability, review and collision detection.

AutoCAD Plant-3D by Autodesk

AutoCAD Plant 3D delivers modern 3D design to plant designers and engineers. It has innovations like specification driven design and standard parts catalogs to organize the assignment of piping, equipment, and support structures. Also, integrated AutoCAD P&ID functionality and quick generation of isometric and orthographic drawings increase productivity, efficiency, and coordination. Choosing the right software tool for your engineering project is an important resolution.

It is best to try the trial versions of these softwares first. Nonchalance of operation, interconnectivity, personalization – these are some of the points that will have a ultimate aspect on your selection. Yet, you don’t undoubtedly require to invest in a licensed software. Favorably, you have sincere vendors like Universal Engineering who have spent in major licensed software tools. Contact us to create the best for you.

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