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Procedure to obtain an ASME Certificate of Authorization and the ASME Certification Mark

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The manufacturer (applicant) needs to complete the following steps:


1. Select an ASME accredited Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) and sign an Inspection Service Agreement with this agency.

2.Application to ASME (at least 6 months prior to the requested ASME certification audit)

Option 1: online via CA connect (ASME preferred method), or Option 2: download the application form from, fill in the required information and send it to ASME by letter post.

[N.B.: The contracted AIA has to be mentioned in the application. Additionally suggestions for the ASME audit (Joint Review) dates (already agreed with the AIA) should be included]

If an additional accreditation as a repair organization is requested ("R", "VR" or "NR" certification) in line with the National Board Inspection Code [NBIC], this needs to be entered in the application form. A separate application has to be sent to the "National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors" (NB). This application form is available on the National Board website.

3.Payment of the ASME fees

[N.B.: ASME will only start processing the application once all fees have been paid and a signed Service Agreement with an AIA is available.]

4. Purchasing the necessary ASME Code Books and Standards

Option 1: electronic version (see ASME homepage), and/or

Option 2: print version (see ASME homepage)

[N.B.: The selection of the necessary ASME Code Books and Standards depends on the requested scope of the certification. The use of copies is not permissible.]

Audit Preparation:

5. Preparing and implementing a Quality System according to the ASME Code

[N.B.: The AIA can provide valuable guidance here and should be involved in this process.]

  • Scheduling the steps that need to be completed to be prepared for the ASME Certification Audit (ASME Joint Review)

  • Writing a Quality Control Manual

  • Preparation of Work Procedures (pressure test, fabrication inspections, heat treatment, etc.)

  • Selecting a representative demonstration item to be presented at the ASME Joint Review

  • Preparation of the required design documents (design calculation, drawings, bill of materials, etc.)

  • Qualification of procedures (Procedure Qualification Records [PQR] and Welding Procedure Specifications [WPS], Nondestructive Examination Procedures [e.g. for RT, UT, MT, PT, VT] , etc.)

  • Qualification of personnel (welders [WPQ/WOPQ], NDE-personnel)

  • Demonstration of NDE procedures witnessed by an Authorized Inspector [AI]

  • Preparation of an Inspection and Test Plan [ITP], also known as a Traveller

  • Procurement of material

  • Fabricating the demonstration item including performing the necessary inspections during fabrication (i.e. material receiving inspection, material test report, material release, traceability of material, dimensional control, welding control, etc.)

  • Preparation of a Manufacturer's Data Report [MDR]

[N.B.: The fabrication of the demonstration item does not need to be completed. However, the implementation of the complete Quality Control System has to be demonstrated.]

6. The Pre-Joint Review performed by the AIA (represented by the Authorized Inspector [AI] and Authorized Inspector Supervisor [AIS]) serves to review the Quality Control System and its implementation. It takes place 3 to 4 weeks before the ASME Joint Review, using the demo item.

[N.B.: Experience shows that performing this Pre-Joint Review is highly beneficial to reveal any potential nonconformities as it allows the applicant to carry out the necessary corrective action.]

ASME Joint Review:

7. The ASME Joint Review is performed by the Audit Team (consisting of ASME & AIA: ASME Team Leader, Authorized Inspector Supervisor, Authorized Inspector).

[N.B.: The ASME Joint Review is a two-day audit at the manufacturer's shop during which the audit team checks the quality control system and its implementation for compliance with the ASME Code. After the Audit the ASME Team Leader forwards the audit report to the ASME Committee which finally decides on issuing the certification.

Issuance of the Certificate

8. Following a successful ASME Joint Review, the applicant will receive the Certificate of Authorization and the ASME Certification Mark after about 4 to 6 weeks.

[N.B.: Once the ASME Certificate of Authorization has been issued the manufacturer is entitled to stamp and deliver ASME Code compliant items. The ASME Certificate is valid for a period of maximum three years and needs to be renewed in time to ensure that the ASME Certification is maintained without any interruption.]

8.1 The National Board "Certificate of Authorization" for Repairs and the NB "R" Stamp, if applied for, will also be issued 4 to 6 weeks after a successful ASME Joint Review

8.2 The National Board "Certificate of Authorization to Register" and the "NB" Stamp will be forwarded 4 to 6 weeks after submitting the copy of the ASME Certificate.

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