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Reference Piping Books For Beginners

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Some of the books useful to beginners in Piping Industry are listed below. Most of them are available online.

  • PIPE STRESS ENGINEERING by Peng: One of the best book on piping stress engineering. It has a major role in building a career in piping stress analysis for beginners. Simple languages are used to explain ideas nicely and is an effective book for every piping engineer.

  • DESIGN OF PIPING SYSTEMS by M W Kellogg Company: Second best book on Piping stress analysis. Even though the language is difficult and contents are not interesting but still this book shares a great place for describing the topics effectively and was the best book earlier before the Peng book.

  • INTRODUCTION TO PIPE STRESS ANALYSIS by Sam Kannapan: One of the best books on Piping stress analysis and easy to understand. The contents are simply explained and one of the most recommended book for beginners.

  • COADE STRESS ANALYSIS SEMINAR NOTES by COADE: Must have a tutorial guide for every piping stress engineer using CAESAR II. Explains in details all the basics of Caesar II application.

  • PIPING HANDBOOK by M. L. Nayyar: One good book for both stress and layout engineers with the huge important databases on piping engineering. Refer this book for any data you require during your day to day piping works.

  • PIPE DRAFTING AND DESIGN by Rhea and Parisher: The best book for a beginner. Covers the basics in simple language. Very easy to understand.

  • PROCESS PLANT LAYOUT AND PIPING DESIGN by Hunt and Bausbacher: The best book for a piping layout engineer. Covers the basics of the piping layout. Most of the preliminary layout ideas connected to any equipment evolve from this book. So read this book attentively for effective layout knowledge.

  • PROCESS PIPING DRAFTING By Rip Weaver: A very nice book in simple easy to understand language.


  • THE PLANNING GUIDE TO PIPING DESIGN by Richard Beale, Paul Bowers and Peter Smith.


One must-have book for piping materials engineers is PIPING MATERIALS GUIDE by Peter Smith

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