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Role of a Piping Material Engineer

Piping Materials Engineers

Piping Materials Engineers are piping engineering individuals who are responsible for creating the project piping classes and the numerous piping specifications necessary to fabricate, test, insulate, and paint the piping systems.

Piping Material Engineer is a inevitable person within the Piping Design Group and should be dedicated to a project from the bid stage until the design phase has been accomplished. He/ she should also be available from construction till mechanical completion.

Normally, the lead piping material engineer is accountable for all piping engineering functions, usually reports directly to the project lead piping engineer. Depending on the size of the project, the lead piping material engineer may be assisted by a number of suitably qualified piping material engineers especially during the peak period of the project. This peak period is early in the job, while the piping classes are being developed and the first bulk inquiry requisitions are sent out to vendors.

Duties and Responsibilities of Piping Material Engineers

Compared to Layout and Stress Engineer, activities done by Piping Material Engineer is always less known and belittled. Many of us think that Piping Material Engineer performs only Material Take Off but he/ she performs a lot of activities in a project, and his role is very crucial in a project.

Following are the role of a piping material engineer:

  • Prepare all installation and selection documents for all mechanical equipments.

  • Collaborate with team of designers to complete all mechanical capital projects and provide all engineering support.

  • Prepare and design all construction bid documents.

  • Provide support to all expense projects and maintain accuracy in all piping project and ensure compliance to all piping material specifications and maintain knowledge on all orders.

  • Analyze all mechanical designs and prepare various concepts for piping designs and develop required mechanical drawings.

  • Provide support to all purchase activities and evaluate all vendor submittals.

  • Inspect all mechanical equipments and analyze all equipments and ensure adherence to all present technology.

  • Provide assistance to all senior engineers and recommend improvements to all design and travel to site to analyze all equipment and maintain efficient relation with all plant personnel.

  • Assist to make arrangements for all business trips for various departmental tasks and design all technical specifications and assist to procure and fabricate all materials.

  • Coordinate with various teams to administer all assignments.

  • Provide appropriate solutions for all parties and evaluate and analyze all client requirements and design all piping specifications for clients and recommend appropriate alternatives.

  • Interpret all codes and maintain overall performance of all piping activities.

  • Provide support to all CADD functions and develop and maintain all activities according to project schedule and prepare appropriate forecasts.

  • Develop new methods to recommend improvements to all activities of piping section.

Qualities, Knowledge and Experience Required for piping material Engineer

  • Should be a Good Communicator

  • Basic understanding of other disciplines having interface with the piping, such as mechanical, process, instrumentation, and structural engineering.

  • Aware of the corrosion characteristics of piping material

  • Aware of welding processes necessary for the fabrication of piping systems.

  • Knowledge of Static equipment, Rotating equipment, Instruments.

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The content of this article is taken from web open source. The blogs are intended only to give technical knowledge to young engineers. Any engineering calculators, technical equations and write ups are only for reference and educational purpose.

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