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Entering the nuclear supply chain can be a daunting and costly task. To support the nuclear industry, ASME developed its new NQA-1 certification program to assess and certify companies that are committed to understanding quality and producing high-quality products and services. The ASME NQA-1 certification is designed to assess a supplier’s capability in implementing a quality assurance program that meets the requirements of the NQA-1 Standard.

Suppliers who achieve NQA-1 certification, may:

• Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

• Save time and money by reducing the length and frequency of audits.

• Inspire confidence in the safety of your company and its products.


ASME has been setting the standard in personnel certification for over two decades. Over 3,000 professionals in 20 countries have achieved these respected credentials.

ASME NDE (ANDE) is a new certification program for Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) personnel and quality control (QC) inspectors. It provides independent, third-party centralized certification for NDE & QC inspection personnel as an alternate option to the historical, employer-based NDE & QC certification systems.

ANDE focuses on nuclear in-service inspection and new nuclear construction. Ultimately, it will ultimately expand to include pressure-boundary and structural applications in other industries throughout the globe.

Universal Engineering Services(UES) has more than a decade experience in the pressure vessel design engineering for customers in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and many more countries all over the world.​ UES work to many ASME standards to design and validate pressure vessels, boiler, fittings and piping systems such as Pressure vessel design to ASME VIII-1 and VIII-2, Hot water heaters and boilers to ASME I and IV, Piping to B31.1, B31.3, B31.5 and others. We, as pressure vessel design consultants, designed hundreds of vessels and fittings to multiple codes.

**The content of this article is taken from web open source. The blogs are intended only to give technical knowledge to young engineers. Any engineering calculators, technical equations, and write-ups are only for reference and educational purposes.

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