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ASME Standards Technology, LLC (ASME ST, LLC) is a not-for-profit company established in 2004. ASME ST, LLC bridges the gap between new technology and applicable standards development by managing research projects through all key steps, including (a) identification of need, (b) proposal creation, (c) project initiation, (d) results in review and publication, and (e) initiation of ASME standards actions. ASME ST, LLC‘s project managers, project engineers, and consultants (e.g., scientists, technical experts) possess the hands-on experience necessary to develop, perform, and manage the most challenging research project. Technology proponents can be confident in the results: every ASME ST, LLC project goes through a rigorous qualification, validation, and peer review process.


ASME ST, LLC approaches its projects as well as meets client needs with the following capabilities:

• Standards and certification involvement in research projects help ensure results will be relevant to standards committees.

• Collaborative research projects minimize individual investment while maximizing benefits.

• International partnerships of government, industry, and academia help build consensus leading to technically relevant standards.

• Experienced project managers and project engineers successfully coordinate a project to meet stakeholder needs, including meeting project milestones, schedule, and budget as well as providing complete oversight of publishing of final reports.


The commercialization of new technology is critical to meeting many global challenges, and the role of codes and standards in bringing new technology to market is changing. ASME ST LLC projects help knowledge make the transition from science to engineering, which allows technology proponents to achieve their vision.

Conducting relevant research is important to get standards written or updated and approved. ASME ST LLC has contributed significantly to the advancement of the industry through its dozens of published research projects. With new technologies constantly being proposed, the appropriate research plays a critical role in getting standards developed for these technologies.

Universal Engineering Services(UES) has more than a decades experience in the pressure vessel design for clients in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and many more countries all over the world. UES work to many ASME standards to design and validate pressure vessels, boiler, fittings and piping systems. We are also experts in Stress analysis of piping, structural design, ASME Joint review, Design of Storage tanks, code calculations, FEA/FEM, and spotless service on design management.

**The content of this article is taken from web open source. The blogs are intended only to give technical knowledge to young engineers. Any engineering calculators, technical equations, and write-ups are only for reference and educational purposes.

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